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PRS Finale Match Book

This past weekend was the finale match for the 2016 Precision Rifle Series (PRS). The highest ranked shooters from across the country converged at the FTW Ranch near Barksdale, Texas for the annual invitation-only, head-to-head match. Several participants said it was a very tough match, but I guess that’s what you need to challenge 130 world-class shooters.

I thought some of you guys might like to check out the match book from that event. It details all the stages, target sizes and distances, and time constraints for the match.

Download PRS 2016 Finale Match Book

But, if you only looked at the match book, it’d be easy to underestimate the difficulty of this match. So I wanted to share a few photos from the match as well. It looks like the match directors found a ton of natural barriers and difficult positions to keep shooters from getting too comfortable! To see more photos from the match, check out the PRS Facebook page.

Photos taken by Mollie Tobias, permission courtesy of the Precision Rifle Series.

Here’s a pic of the top place shooters from the 2016 PRS Finale:

Top Place Shooters at 2016 PRS Finale

Open Division Top 5 Finishers @ 2016 PRS Finale:

  1. Tyler Payne (Score: 147)
  2. Joe Walls (Score: 145)
  3. Bradley Allen (Score: 142)
  4. David Preston (Score: 140)
  5. Jon Pynch (Score: 139)

Tactical Division Top 3 Finishers @ 2016 PRS Finale:

  1. Jered Joplin (Score: 106)
  2. John Fillman (Score: 75)
  3. William Pace (Score: 75)

Production Division Winner @ 2016 PRS Finale:

  1. John Herring (Score: 41)

To see the full list of match results, visit PrecisionRifleSeries.com.

And coming soon is this year’s installment of “What The Pros Use”! It runs down all the gear these top shooters were running. Sign-up to receive new posts via email and be the first to know when those results are published.

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