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Most Popular Posts

Here is a list of the most popular and noteworthy PRB posts:

  • What The Pros Use: This is hard data on what gear the best precision rifle shooters in the country are using. Each year, I ask the top 100 ranked shooters in the Precision Rifle Series about what equipment and gear they run (like cartridge, scope, stock, barrel, gunsmith, and a bunch of other items). These posts are the results of those annual surveys.
  • 6.5 Creedmoor Match-Grade Factory Ammo Field Test: This is one of the most in-depth ammo tests ever conducted. I tested every type of factory ammo that is marketed as “match” or “target” grade, including multiple types of ammo from Berger, Hornady, Federal Premium, Copper Creek, Barnes, PRIME, Black Hills, Norma, Sig, Nosler Winchester, and Remington. I fired 40 rounds of each brand from two different rifles and measured the velocity of every shot with 3 LabRadar Dopplar radars and fired 8 five-shot groups for record from a rock-solid Benchrest position. I collected all the live-fire data and then analyzed the data and calculated hit probability from 400 to 1,200 yards for each type of ammo and ranked them by performance and value.
  • Mark Gordon’s Bullet Jump ResearchThis series of posts covers the fundamentals of bullet jump and presents some original, independent research that Mark Gordon performed over a couple of years firing thousands of rounds at long-range and capturing the results on an electronic target system. This is the first in-depth study into bullet jump, and the results challenged conventional wisdom and caused many of us to think about this differently.
  • Tactical Scope Field Test: Based on 400+ hours of research, this epic field test compares 18 of the top rifle scopes in the $1500+ price range in a very objective and data-driven way. It quantifies optical quality, mechanical performance, and many other aspects. Nothing like this has ever been done before.
  • How Much Does It Matter? As long-range shooters, we tend to obsess over every little detail. While you may get away with minor mistakes at short and medium ranges, as your range is extended small inconsistencies are magnified. So, most things are important … but to differing degrees. In this series of posts, I use Applied Ballistics’ WEZ analysis tool to objectively compare how different aspects of long-range shooting affect the probability of getting rounds on target. As Bryan Litz said in his Accuracy & Precision book, “Looking at each variable separately teaches us how to assess the uncertainties of any shot and determine how critical each variable is to hitting the target.”
  • Muzzle Brake Field Test: This field test was focused on 20+ muzzle brakes designed for precision rifles in 6mm through 30 caliber, including all of the brakes popular among the top precision rifle shooters in the country. It includes several objective tests to quantify aspects of performance like recoil reduction, ability to stay on target, how loud the brake is, and muzzle blast.
  • Statistics for Shooters: Many shooters have an uncomfortable relationship with math and aren’t impressed with fancy formulas. However, statistics and probability are insanely applicable when it comes to rifles and long-range shooting in particular. I literally spent months crafting this 3-part series of articles specifically with the math-averse shooter in mind. I invested all that time because I strongly believe that understanding just a few basics can help us gain actionable insight, make better decisions, and put more rounds on target.
  • Ranging Binoculars Field Test: This is an in-depth field test on the ranging capability and optical performance of several popular ranging binoculars. The results are based on over 10,000 data points collected from the field over 3 months of testing.
  • MIL vs MOA – An Objective Comparison: This can be a heated topic, but I provide a very objective and comprehensive approach to the debate. I try to cut through the dogmatic myths and explain the real difference between the two systems.
  • Best Long-Range Scope – Buyers Guide & Features To Look For: This is a brief overview of the top features you should keep in mind when buying a long-range scope.
  • 200+ McMillan Stock Colors Photo Gallery: This is a photo gallery of over 200 different McMillan stocks, with the exact color and ratios provided for each stock.
  • American Sniper Rifles – 5 of Chris Kyle’s Favorite Sniper Rifles: Takes a look at the favorite rifles of the deadliest sniper in US military history and American hero, Chris Kyle.
  • Cost of Handloading vs. Match Ammo: Many feel like reloading is clearly cheaper, and if you solely look at the cost of components … it usually is. But there are significant hidden costs in handloading most people ignore. This post takes a comprehensive look at the total cost of ownership for handloading vs. buying factory match ammo.
  • My Complete Load Data: A complete list of all my load data for match and hunting handloads. It includes data for 223 Rem, 6 Dasher, 6mm Creedmoor, 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Norma Mag, 338 Lapua, and more. I always keep this updated, because it’s become what I reference for my own load data. 😉 It’s always handy!