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2017 PRS Match Schedule

2017 PRS Match Schedule

Here is the tentative schedule for the upcoming 2017 Precision Rifle Series (PRS) point race events. Some of these details were posted on Facebook a few weeks ago, but the link expired … and the match details haven’t all been uploaded on PrecisionRifleSeries.com yet. So I ask Shawn Wiseman, the PRS Director, for the latest list, because I wanted to pencil in a few dates on my calendar. I’m sure they’ll have all the event details uploaded on this PRS website very soon, but I thought a few of you guys might appreciate having this for reference.

The 2017 schedule shows how this sport has exploded over the past couple years. For the first few years, there were only 14-15 PRS matches annually. That grew to around 30 matches in 2016, and now there are already 36 matches scheduled in 2017, plus another 12 matches scheduled for the new PRS Gas Gun points race! WOW! There has certainly been a demand for more matches, as many of these will sell out within hours when their registration opens. Matches are spread all over the country, and there is even a PRS points race event in Canada! So if you’ve been thinking about trying out a long range rifle competition, I’d highly recommend committing to one of these, and start practicing for it!

Precision Rifle Series PRS

Note: This is a tentative schedule, as of Dec 2016. Always check PrecisionRifleSeries.com for the latest event details.

  • Feb 10-11, 2017: Bushnell Brawl – Kingsville, TX
  • Mar 11-12, 2017: Accuracy International Long Range Classic – Baker, FL
  • Mar 17-19, 2017: Shoot for the Green – Seiling, OK
  • Mar 24-26, 2017: Long Range Shooters Experience (LRSE) – Park City, KY
  • Apr 1-2, 2017: Spearpoint Shootout – Lincoln, KS
  • Apr 8-9, 2017:: New Mexico Precision Rifle Championship (PRC) – Albuquerque, NM
  • Apr 8-9, 2017:: Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Precision Rifle Shootout – Sparta, GA
  • Apr 22-23, 2017:: Peacemaker Precision Shootout – Glengary, WV
  • Apr 22-23, 2017:: Rock Lake Rifle Range PRS Match – Saint John, WA
  • Apr 29-30, 2017:: Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge (PRC) – Childersburg, AL
  • May 5-7, 2017:: South Dakota Steel Classic – Orient, SD
  • May 5-7, 2017:: Buckeye Classic – Kimbolton, OH
  • May 19-21, 2017:: Battle of Breakneck – Broadwater, NE
  • May 27-29, 2017:: K&M Rifle Challenge – Finger, TN
  • Jun 3-4, 2017:: Tactical Supply Precision Rifle Match – Nachez, WA
  • Jun 17-18, 2017:: Extended Long Range Match at Q Creek Ranch – Mills, WY
  • Jun 23-25, 2017:: SilencerCo Quiet Riot – Portage, UT
  • Jul 8-9, 2017:: New Hampshire Steel Challenge – Dalton, NH
  • Jul 15-17, 2017:: Heatstroke Open – Camargo, OK
  • Aug 4-6, 2017:: Mile High Shootout – Saguache, CO
  • Aug 12-13, 2017:: California Long Range Challenge (LRC) – Southern California
  • Aug 12-13, 2017:: Masterpiece Arms (MPA) Precision Rifle Shootout – Sparta, GA
  • Aug 2017: Idaho Precision Rifle Challenge (PRC) – Idaho (exact dates still to be determined)
  • Aug 25-27, 2017:: NRA PRS Match – Raton, NM
  • Sep 2-3, 2017:: Meaford Long Range Steel Challenge – Meaford, ON (Canada … Eh)
  • Sep 2-3, 2017:: Grunt Style/Monster Energy PRS Match – Baker, FL
  • Sep 15-17, 2017:: Big Dog Steel – Kimbolton, OH
  • Sep 23-24, 2017:: Outback Precision Rifle Challenge – Cresson, TX
  • Sep 30-Oct 1, 2017:: Practical Precision Rifle Challenge (PPRC) – Park City, KY
  • Oct 6-8, 2017:: K&M Precision Rifle Competition – Finger, TN
  • Oct 20-22, 2017:: Lone Survivor Foundation PRS Benefit Match – Navasota, TX
  • Oct 27-29, 2017:: Special Operations Care Fund – Hiawatha, UT
  • Nov 2-4, 2017:: Rifles Only Shootout – Kingsville, TX
  • Nov 4-5, 2017:: Peacemaker Precision Shootout – Glengary, WV
  • Nov 10-12, 2017:: Steel City Precision Rifle Challenge (PRC) – Cusseta, GA
  • 2017 PRS Season Finale – To Be Announced

Outback Precision Rifle Challenge Helicopter Stage Phil Cashin MPA

2017 PRS Gas Gun Series Schedule

The PRS has introduced a new series of matches in 2017 specifically for gas guns. To learn more about it, visit About The PRS Gas Gun Series. Here is the tentative schedule for PRS Gas Gun matches:

  • Feb 17-19, 2017:: Core SASR (Semi-Auto Scoped Rifle) –Baker, FL
  • Apr 29-30, 2017:: Outback Shootout – Cresson, TX
  • May 6-7, 2017:: Rock Lake – Saint John, WA
  • May 26-27, 2017:: K&M Challenge – Finger, TN
  • Jun 3-4, 2017:: Showdown At Mill Creek – Saguache, CO
  • Jul 8-9, 2017:: MGM Targets Ironman Long Range Challenge – Parma, ID
  • Jul 22-23, 2017:: Alabama Precision Match – Childersburg, AL
  • Jul 29-30, 2017:: Peacemaker DMR – Glengary, WV
  • Aug 26-27, 2017:: R Bros Long Range Challenge – E. Wenatchee, WA
  • Sep 2017: Oklahoma LRSA Match – Camargo, OK (exact dates still to be determined)
  • Sep 29-30, 2017:: Rifles Only Match – Kingsville, TX
  • Oct 13-15, 2017:: PRS Gas Gun Finale – Park City, KY

PRS Gas Gun Series

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