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CAST YOUR VOTE: Best Precision Rifle Logo

A lot of people said how helpful my posts have been … but now I really need your help. I’m trying to find a cool logo to help with the branding of this website. I held a design contest, and received 100+ designs from pro graphic artists around the world. I’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 designs, and I was hoping to get my readers to help me pick the best one.

Update: The poll is now closed, but a big thank you to the 500+ readers who gave me feedback. While all 3 logos were good (or I wouldn’t have put them in the finals), there was overwhelming reader support for one of them. And the winner is …


I’m finalizing the design, and gathering the deliverable from the graphics designer. Within the next few weeks, I hope to have some cool apparel available.

Interesting fact: That’s my new 6XC rifle in the logo. Here were all 3 candidates, followed by the results from the readers.

Logo Option #1


Logo Option #2


Logo Option #3



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  1. second one ..then the third..well done brill series of articles…you should do one on woman…haha

  2. Precision Rifle Series

    dang that PRB logo with rifle inlay is exactly what i’m looking for… if your not gonna use yours I’d love to steal it!!!!!!!

    • Ha! Seems to be in the lead at this point. I do like that design a lot. Very creative, and it seems like anyone who is into this stuff would recognize that style of rifle. If I’m walking through SHOT show or a gun show and see a rifle like that on a table, it pulls me in every time. I’m powerless against the magnetic power of a precision rifle! Hello, my name is Cal, and I’m a precision rifle addict. 😉

  3. You should’ve opened this up as a public competition, give the winner a T-shirt or something

    • Sorry, Adith. Didn’t figure I had many reader that were graphic artists. I’m actually paying $300 to the winner, but I’m too far along at this point for additional entries.


  4. I’ve never taken the time to thank you for your thoughtful and hard work on this blog and the surveys. The information is very well presented and easy to understand, while being very comprehensive and well thought out! At this busy season thanks for your interest and effort! I always look forward to getting the next email notification!

  5. Cal-
    Thanks for allowing the input. I REALLY like Option #2, with a possible “tweak” in design…
    Any chance that a bi-pod folded up in the travel position, could be added in the “void” of the “R”?
    That would truly give the silhouette of the “Precision Rifle” its JUST DUE!!!
    Also, if I may suggest-
    Presumably you will be applying these logos to shirts in “Earth tone colors”… Khaki, Olive Drab, Stone/Grey, along with some Black and White shirts. Taking that into account, the color of the actual logo, will be important. Those colors “could” change with different color shirts, but-
    A One Color Logo, on ALL shirts, will provide a more memorable logo. Red, White, Blue usually
    works well in this field. (just a suggestion on that). 🙂
    Also- PLEASE, if possible; Go with a 60/40 Cotton/Poly blend… I love those types of shirts for comfort and maintenance.
    One last suggestion-
    3XL for us Tall and/or Big Boys… Currently at 6’7″ 250! Ha 🙂

    Thanks for the time. Truly enjoy this Blog.
    Happy Holiday’s-
    Jeff M. Valunas

    • Thanks, Jeff. I was actually staring at a print-out of that logo yesterday as I ate lunch and thought the same thing about the bipod folded up inside the R! So I’m literally already working on it. Great minds think alike.

      I’m definitely picky about the shirts I’ll put it on. I will likely go with a tri-blend shirt, which essentially give it a soft, well-worn feel … and is a good looking shirt in itself. It has kind of a vintage look to it. I just know those are the shirts I pull out of the closet first. It has to feel good and look good … then if there is a good looking logo on there, all the better. But I’m definitely picky about the material, and I can appreciate that you’re the same way. I plan to just offer them for the cost to make them, so maybe the extra cost of those shirts won’t be too much. And I’ll keep the sizing in mind. I know a lot of big boy shooters!


      • Cal-
        It’s very encouraging, to read this reply! It is NOT surprising to see/read, that you considered that (bi-pod) thing in the silhouette… Based off how much I like this Site, we must have similar thoughts running through our minds, as the synapses are firing, looking at an image…(that resembles the ‘sexy curves’ of a Precision Rifle)! LOL 🙂

        I could give a number of ideas that you might like to consider, however; This is not the place for that.
        I know your not in the business of becoming an “Apparel Mogul”, but- Since there is a chance to get in, at the “ground level” here. I would be happy to share some of those thoughts!

        Your welcome to email me, if your interested in hearing those, (I assume you know my email address).

        Whichever logo you decide to go with, on (almost) any fabric… So long as it will fit me, you can count on, a half-dozen or so, coming my way!!!
        Looking forward to seeing which of these wins. And also looking forward to the (upcoming) ‘What the Pro’s use: Bi-pod” post.

        Be Well-

  6. Logo #1 would solicit recognition IF, IF there were a reticle within the circle. Without, it leaves me wondering what the connection of your brand to shooting is ???
    Logo#2 solves #1’s problem but does not fully go beyond full-redneck-gun-nut interest and give recognition to your quantitative analysis of each component of PRC/LRH.
    Logo#3 comes closest to recognition of the mathematical, statistical and human factors you evaluate and then display visually and in abbreviated text for us.

  7. I greatly appreciate the work you publish. Technically correct approach, too … not SWAG’s as areseenother places.

    Well done.

    Many thanks.

    • Thanks, Roger. That’s exactly what I’m going for! It’s nice to see people recognize what makes my approach different.


  8. I really like your blog as well, great info and really thorough. I like the first logo as it is lo-pro/tactical yet very creative with the trigger. It’s a logo people would ask what it is.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Rick. It was the one that I was originally drawn to because it is simple, yet creative and has a subtle meaning behind it (the trigger and trigger guard, plus the combination of a P and an R).


    • That is just the point…it is too subtle IF you truly are trying to advance your brand in a market place. A few might ask “what it is” but don’t you really want them and the others that did not ask, to know.

  9. Keep up the great work

  10. Option # 2 is bad ass!

    • Thanks, Rob! That certainly seems to be the consensus so far. I’ve been surprised to see how many people favored that logo. I have to say I’m a sucker for the sexy curves of a precision rifle.

  11. Logo Option #1

  12. I definitely prefer #2.

  13. SWEET!!!
    Looking forward to your selection of apparel in the future!
    Promoting this site, will be an honor!

  14. Logo #2 for sure! Love your blog, packed with great up to date information. Hope to make it to a shoot in Idaho this spring due to your blog! Thanks for all the hard work:)

    • Glad to know its helped, and given you the drive to try out a competition. Hopefully you’ll get in a group with good guys that will help you out. Man, its a lot of fun!

  15. No 2…no doubt!

  16. No 2 for sure