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Green, Blue, & Turquoise McMillan Marble Stock Color Photo Gallery

This photo gallery contains McMillan stock pictures that are primarily green, blue or turquoise.  The green stocks included in this gallery are all primarily a “true green”, but there is another photo gallery for olive stocks.  There is some similarity, but the olive stocks were grouped with the more subdued, earth-tones like tan and brown.  These McMillan stocks are all brighter colors, and very popular among benchrest and competition shooters.  They are more wild and unusual and can really make your rifle stand out.

I’ve created several other photo galleries for other colors and also for McMillan’s camo & flame stock patterns as well.  I even have a few tips for things to keep in mind when ordering a McMillan stock.  Just click the link below to view the other photo galleries.

View Other Stock Photo Galleries & McMillan Stock Ordering Tips

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