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Oehler 35P Chronograph Manual

Oehler Research definitely makes the best chronographs in the industry … hands down, no argument.  I had a chance to talk with Ken Oehler at the 2013 SHOT Show, and have to say it was one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve ever had with someone regarding ballistics.  Ken knows his stuff, and is an expert among experts in shooting sports.  I’ve used an Oehler 35P, which is the pro-sumer grade model they offer (i.e. model targeted at professionals or high-end consumers) and can say they are a joy to use … and VERY accurate.  You get very few errors and absolutely zero rougue or erroneous readings.  If you’ve been using a chronograph for any amount of time, you know exactly what I mean.

One problem is that although Ken and the rest of the Oehler crew is very technology savy … they haven’t spent a lot of effort on their website, and you can’t even download a manual from them.  That is a problem if you got all the way out to the range and forgot your copy at home.  So I finally just scanned one in, and wanted to post it here to help other 35P owners out too.  Unlike most manuals, it is actually a GREAT read and written by someone who intametly knows chronographs and how to get the most out of them.

Download Oehler 35P Chronograph Instruction Manual

Here are a couple other helpful links related to the Oehler 35P:

Also, here is a video introduction of the Model 35P by Ken Oehler himself: http://youtu.be/fFziPR2KXQ0

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  1. Thank you so much. Misplaced my manual years ago. Incidentally this chronograph has served me flawlessly for pushing 20 years. While their website leaves a little to be desired, their product is 100% top shelf quality.