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Guns and Gear at Amazon Shipping Speeds

Finally!!! Long-Range Gear at Amazon Shipping Speeds

This quick post is a little different than most of my content, but I wanted to pass along something I personally found exciting. It’s not technical, but it’s helpful!

The convenience and speed of Amazon Prime have revolutionized how we all shop. Before my Amazon Prime membership, the cost for expedited shipping to get something to my door in 1 or 2 days was outrageous. Honestly, expedited shipping still costs a fortune for most online retailers – often even more than what you’re buying! Amazon has clearly changed consumer expectations when it comes to shipping speed for online orders. Today, even if something costs slightly more from Amazon, I will usually opt to still buy from them because of their reliability, ease of checkout, and quick shipping – all included at no additional cost!

But, Amazon has a strict policy against selling guns, ammo, and firearm accessories (view their policy). Even if a product doesn’t violate Amazon’s policies, often, as long-range shooters, we’re buying products that are specialized and niche. They simply aren’t mainstream enough for Amazon to stock and fulfill the order directly – which means no Prime shipping. That is the same reason most local gun stores don’t stock the kind of specialty gear we find ourselves buying online. For example, most of us won’t be able to find an APA muzzle brake or a TriggerTech trigger at a local store – or on Amazon for that matter! So, as long-range shooters, we’re often left waiting a week or more waiting for the gear we want to arrive.

EuroOptic’s 1-Day & 2-Day RED Shipping

A couple of months ago, EuroOptic did a fairly quiet soft launch of their new RED Shipping program, which basically works like Amazon Prime – but without the membership fee. Now any product on EuroOptic with the RED logo will have a delivery speed marked either 1 or 2-day shipping – at no extra charge.

Products with RED Shipping

EuroOptic has been quick at processing orders for a long time, with most orders placed before 4pm (Eastern Time) will ship the same day. So they already get orders to the carrier quickly, but this new solution will address the shipping speed once it leaves their facility as the last piece of the puzzle.

I talked to the team at EuroOptic about this, and they actually told me they wrote their own custom software to be able to offer this to their customers, which was a big financial investment. But now at checkout, their system will calculate in real-time what delivery services will be able to achieve the stated delivery speed to your location and it all happens auto-magically behind the scenes.

Now, like Amazon – expedited shipping isn’t included on all of the products you’ll find on their website. But, if you see the Red logo then you know it’s one of the ones covered under this new program. Pretty sweet! 😉

Thanks, EuroOptic for pushing the industry forward! While most companies still have alerts on their website saying, “Due to high demand, processing may take 3-5 days” – you guys not only kept up with order processing but found a way to get us our gear quicker! Thanks for disrupting and leading the way!

View full details about EuroOptic Red Shipping

Below are a few examples of the types of products they’re offering with RED expedited shipping included:

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