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Surgeon Rifle Raffle for USMC Scout Sniper Assoc.

SHOT Show 2014 Raffle Rifle Package

Surgeon Rifles has teamed up with a few manufacturers to offer up an amazing rifle package that is valued at over $12,000. The package will be raffled off on March 17, 2014, and proceeds will go to benefit the U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper Association. I talked to Surgeon Rifles about this raffle a few weeks ago at SHOT Show 2014, and they said the money will be primarily used to to assist the families of fallen scout snipers. So not only will you have a chance to win this amazing rifle setup, but you could help worthy families in need at the same time.

Here are a few pics I took of the rifle at SHOT Show 2014:

Purchase $10 Raffle Ticket Here

Raffle ticket sales ended 3/3/2014

Here is are the specs of the Surgeon Rifle that will be raffled:

  • Cartridge: 308 Win
  • Action: Surgeon 591 with Serial Number 17751775 is a special date for many veterans, because it is the year the US Marine Corps was born. When Surgeon came to the 1775 serial number, they had enough forethought to skip that number to save it for a special occasion, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. (Provided by Surgeon Rifles)
  • Stock: Accuracy International’s brand new AX chassis, which was just released at SHOT Show 2014. This new stock was redesigned to fold bolt side, which dramatically reduces the overall footprint and compactness of the rifle. (Provided by Accuracy International)
  • Barrel: 24″ Krieger Barrel, MTU Contour, 1/10 twist, 5R rifling (Provided by Surgeon Rifles)
  • Trigger: Jewel Trigger set at 2.75 pounds (Provided by Surgeon Rifles)
  • ScopeU.S. Optics LR 3.2-17×44 SN3 T-PAL scope with  (Provided by US Optics)
  • RingsBadger Ordnance 30mm MAX-50 Ultra High rings (Provided by Badger Ordnance)
  • Magazines: Three 10rd magazines, and three 5rd magazines (Provided by Badger Ordnance)

But it doesn’t end there, here are the other items included in the raffle prize:

  • Applied Ballistics 4500NV Kestrel provided by Accuracy 1st Development Group. This is the brand new unit released at SHOT Show 2014 that was designed by Todd Hodnett and Bryan Litz, two of the most respected shooters in the world. (Note: I bought one of these at the show, and my initial impressions are that it’s pretty amazing … full review to come soon.)
  • Custom SKB hardcase for rifle and accessories (Provided by SKB Cases)
  • HOG Saddle Tripod Mount, which is an amazing rifle tripod adapter designed by Marine Scout Sniper, Josh Stabler. This is a super-sturdy platform for long-range precision shooting. In fact, a HOG Saddle is now issued with every single M40 sniper rifle. (Provided by US Tactical Supply – Note: I picked up a couple of these to do a field test on at SHOT Show, and that should be published within the next 6 weeks.)
  • Bushnell Tactical Tripod System with swivel head. This is the same tripod issued to USMC scout snipers. (Provided by Bushnell)
  • 200 rounds of Corbon 175gr Match Ammo (Provided by Corbon)
  • TAB Gear Rapid Adjust USMC Precision Rifle Sling, TAB Gear Rear Bag, and dope card (Provided by TAB Gear)
  • US Tactical Supply’s One Shot Package, which includes a data book with cover, Mildot Master tool, Slope Doper tool, set of ballistic cards, and all-weather pen. (Provided by US Tactical Supply)

Raffle tickets are $10 each, and can be purchased at US Tactical Supply. Drawing will be held on 3/17/2014 and the winner will be notified.

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  1. silencertech@plateautel.net

    Silencer Tech would like to donate a 308 Suppressor for the cause ???

    • Wow, that’s very generous! I’ll pass that on to the the guys I know that are involved on this and I’m sure they’ll be in touch soon. It’s amazing to witness all the companies rallying around this great cause. Thanks!

  2. are tickets still for sale

    • Great question. I’m not sure. I assumed they’d continue to sell until closer to the drawing date. I emailed US Tactical Supply and will let you know what I hear back.

      • Thanks I am hoping to buy some n waited till today… Figures I can’t find them now .

      • Yes sir, I did get confirmation from US Tactical Supply that yesterday was the last day for raffle ticket sales, so they’ve removed it from their website. Bummer.

  3. Who coined the name “surgeon” was it stolen from someone else?

    • I’m not sure. Preston Pritchett was the one who originally designed and built the first action, back before the company was called Surgeon Rifles (it was Pritchett Machining then). I’d assume Preston had something to do with it. Its a cool name for sure. And their short and long action rifles are referred to as a “Scalpel” … clever. Reminds me of that saying, “Like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon.” I can’t recall anything that went by that same name before them, but like Solomon said 3000 years ago, “there is nothing new under the sun.”