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What Is The Precision Rifle Series?

The Precision Rifle Series (PRS) is one of the fastest-growing shooting sports. It focuses on practical, long-range rifle shooting in field conditions. The PRS helps organize and promote precision rifle matches and tracks PRS member scores across matches in a championship-style point series race (similar to NASCAR or the FedEx Cup). At the end of each season, the PRS invites the top-ranked shooters to compete head-to-head in a season finale match and afterward crowns the overall PRS Season Champion. The PRS was founded in 2011 and has since grown into one of the premier long-range shooting competitions in the world, with several thousands of shooters participating in PRS matches each year.

Obadiah Barnes Getting Instruction from Austin Orgain on Rock Stage at JTAC Class

PRS matches typically engage steel targets from 300 to 1000 yards, although some matches may have a few targets outside that range. Matches often involve shooting from various positions, including prone, kneeling, and other improvised positions on barricades or other obstacles. Unlike many other rifle matches, shots are virtually never fired from a seated position at a bench. Competitors must demonstrate not only marksmanship and precision but also proficiency in reading wind conditions, calculating ballistics for first-round impacts, quickly building stable shooting positions, and making accurate shots under pressure.

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Each PRS Rifle Match is broken into stages, with one-day PRS club matches typically consisting of 8-10 stages and two-day, national-level pro series matches consisting of 18-20 stages. The stages are like 18 holes of golf, where each hole is different and challenges the competitors in a unique way. The majority of matches use a time limit of 90 to 120 seconds for each stage, and shooters must fire 10 rounds at various targets and distances in that time – and often must transition to multiple firing positions while on the clock. Shooters are provided target distances and instructions for the stage before their time begins, and they are able to calculate their ballistics and prepare before their time starts. There is a significant amount of strategy that comes into play in terms of how each shooter approaches and shoots a stage.

Cal Zant in Precision Rifle PRS Match

The Precision Rifle Series has a standardized set of rules and scoring methods to ensure fairness and consistency across matches. At the same time, the PRS “strongly believes there should be as few restrictions and constraints placed on Match Directors as possible so that they may run their individual matches in a manner that best fits their vision and needs.” So, every match has a little different style and personality that challenges shooters in different ways. Competitors accumulate points based on their performance in individual matches, and these points contribute to their overall standing in the series.

These matches usually take place in remote locations across the United States, where you shoot over natural terrain instead of a square range like most other rifle sports. So, the unique terrain and property where a match is held also contribute to the challenge. In recent years, the sport has spread to several countries and continents.

PRS Champ Austin Buschman Shoots PRS Barricade

The PRS has a dedicated, close-knit community of competitors that are very welcoming of new shooters. This is especially true at local, one-day club matches, which are a great place for someone who is completely new to come out and learn alongside guys who have been doing it for a while. The majority of shooters in the PRS would be happy to let you try out any of their gear or share any tips or wisdom.

The Precision Rifle Series has made significant contributions to the advancement of equipment, techniques, and knowledge in the field of long-range rifle shooting.

To learn more about the Precision Rifle Series or find the complete list of PRS matches, visit https://www.precisionrifleseries.com/.

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