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CAST YOUR VOTE: What is the best tactical scope?

Update: The field test is now complete, and all the results are published. Click here to view the overall results and ratings for each scope! In a few weeks, I’m starting a large field test for popular tactical scopes in the $1,500+ price range (plan to test $500-1,500 scopes later this year). Like my rangefinder field test, I plan to have a very objective, data-driven approach using a series of empirical tests that focus on: Optical Quality (resolution/clarity, contrast, brightness, etc) Mechanical Precision & Repeatability (tracking, return to zero, internal adjustments, etc) But before I start testing, I thought it’d be fun to ...

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Best Long-Range Scope: Buyers Guide & Features To Look For

Advertising around long-range scopes can be misleading, or at least marketers try to get you to focus on features that differentiate them from their competitors … even if they aren’t really that important. I created this post to boil it all down to the biggest features you should focus on when comparing long-range scopes. Of course you are likely going to have to make trade-offs between different features, unless you are willing to pay $3,000+ for a scope (which many shooters do). But if you’re on a budget like most people, this list should help you make sense of all ...

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