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Product Reviews

Product reviews related to precision rifles, optics, and gear from an independent source. My goal is to tell you the good and the bad of every product I try out. I’m committed to 100% transparency with my readers. Multiple manufacturers have contacted me to “support the website” by making donations or becoming an advertising partner. However, I feel part of the value I offer is being completely independent. I say it like it is, not as a firearm companies want to hear it. At this point, I’ve turned down all of the offers, so that I’m not limited in what I write or compelled to pull punches when reviewing products.

Norma 7mm Rem Mag Brass Review

I’ve been using Norma’s brass for the 7mm Remington Magnum lately, and thought I’d write a review over what I’ve found so far. Norma is a high-end, European brass manufacturer similar to Lapua.  They use the highest quality raw materials, and have very narrow tolerances and tight quality control.  Like Lapua, they drill the flashholes on their brass instead of punching them.  Almost all other brass manufacturers punch their flashholes, which can cause inconsistency and require that you debur the flash hole. Also like Lapua, Norma anneals the neck on all of their brass.  However, that isn’t as apparent as it is ...

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