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About Scott Satterlee

Scott Satterlee

Scott Satterlee is a nationally ranked precision rifle competitor in both the PRS and NRL, finishing as high as 5th overall in the PRS in 2018. Scott is also a Green Beret Veteran who served 26 years in Special Operations Command with multiple combat tours. He also trained special forces soldiers in both marksmanship and Close Quarter Battle (CQB). Scott retired out of 1st Special Forces Group in 2016 as the lead instructor and chief operations officer.

Scott grew up hunting in the Western states and started competing in NRA Service Rifle in the early 1990s. He continued to compete when possible in High Power, Small Bore and USPSA events throughout his military career. When Precision Rifle matches started to become popular, he found his niche. Scott has been very active in the PRS and NRL style competitions for the last 9 years, regularly placing in the top ten in matches. Scott is the Director of Match Operations for the NRL and the Director of the International Precision Rifle Federation for 2020. He is also the match director of the Nightforce ELR Challenge in Wyoming – one of the best matches I’ve ever attended!

Scott loves to compete, but also enjoys passing on lessons learned as a coach and trainer. Scott now owns SSTAC LLC (Scott Satterlee Training and Consulting), which provides consulting and training on all things precision rifle. Scott has been developing course curriculum for long-range shooting for the last several years focused on competition and hunting. The courses developed cover the entire spectrum of shooter requirements from beginner to advanced competition prep and high angle back country hunting.