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Bryan Litz

About Bryan Litz

Bryan Litz

“Bryan Litz is the top external ballistics mind in the country, arguably the world.”
–Eric Stecker, President of Berger Bullets

Bryan Litz is ballistician, researcher and accomplished competitive shooter. He is one of the most respected experts in the field of external ballistics and the science of long range shooting. Bryan has arguably contributed more towards research and advancements related to long range shooting than any other person of our generation. He was the recipient of the NDIA Carlos Hathcock Award in 2019 for his significant contributions related to small arms weapons systems which have improved the capabilities of the U.S. military.

Bryan has a passion not just for the science, but for helping advance the knowledge of the shooting community and teaching the average shooter how to apply that knowledge to be more effective in the field. Bryan has published numerous books, articles, and videos related to the science of long range shooting, which are designed to explain the technical aspects and advancements in long range shooting in layman’s terms. Bryan is the founder of Applied Ballistics, and has helped develop several significant products that help shooters get first-round hits at extreme long range.

Bryan’s Background

Bryan earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering from Penn State in 2002, and then worked for the Air Force as a civilian contractor for 6 years on air-to-air missile design, modeling, and simulation. In November 2008, he left the government and became the Chief Ballistician for Berger Bullets and founded Applied Ballistics in 2009.

Bryan is also an accomplished competitive shooter who has won national and international Palma rifle competitions and holds multiple national records. One of Bryan’s most notable wins was the Queens Prize in Australia 2010, and is a firing member of the US Rifle Team, which has won 3 world championships (FTR Class). Bryan is also an active participant in extreme long range competitions, where he puts the tools his team develops to the test. These accomplishments prove that he not only understands the technical aspects of external ballistics, but also knows first-hand how to apply that knowledge.

What is Applied Ballistics?

Applied Ballistics’ mission is to be the complete and unbiased source of external ballistics information for long range shooters. They’re highly active in research and development, constantly testing new claims, products and ideas using the scientific method to separate truth from marketing hype. Their work is passed on to the shooting community in the form of instructional materials which are intended to be easy for non-technical shooters to understand, and products such as ballistic software which runs on many platforms. The Applied Ballistics team has grown significantly since 2009, and now includes numerous industry experts who develop cutting-edge products, provide world-class training, build extreme range rifle systems, and do R&D on behalf of the U.S. military.

Bryan’s Work

Bryan has published multiple books related to long-range shooting, and I’ve personally read all of them – most of them more than once! I’ve read a small library of books published on rifles and shooting, and there isn’t even a close second when it comes to must-reads on the subject. If you want to know where to start, it has to be Applied Ballistics For Long Range Shooting, which was his first book and is now in its 3rd Edition. It covers all the fundamentals and I guarantee any serious shooter will walk away with a better understanding of the science behind long range shooting and be able to apply that to get more rounds on target.

Bryan’s research and books have had a dramatic impact on me as an author, so I reference his work often. View all my posts that reference Bryan: https://precisionrifleblog.com/tag/bryan-litz/

To learn more about Bryan Litz and Applied Ballistics, visit his website at AppliedBallisticsLLC.com.