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  1. I’ve read all the material i could find for the H102 and I still had some questions, if you would be able to answer these, that would be great….

    1) How does the H102 reticle take into account shooting moving targets at varying distances, because flight time of the bullet varies by distance but the reticle only has one “value”….
    a) does that one value account for all objects moving at that particular speed…..no matter the distance?
    2) In most of the Horus “literature” it shows much of the “fast acquisition aids” such as: the diamonds on the H130 are based on yards?
    a) I shoot in meters as the army taught me to do….. Does that mean the oval shaped aids are useless and that I have to convert BACK to yards each time?

    • Hey, Paul. I’ve never used a Horus H102 reticle, and I’m not familiar with it. So I’m afraid I can’t help you. However, I can tell you the guys at Horus have always been really responsive to any questions I’ve sent their way. So if I were you, I’d forward these questions on to them. You can reach them at info@horusvision.com or by calling 650-588-8862.

      Sorry I couldn’t be more help,

      • Cal,
        That’s alright, I just thought you might know since you do a lot of good work and in-depth research. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!!


      • Thanks, Paul. I’m actually considering switching to a Horus reticle myself, actually. I am probably going for the H59 or the Tremor2, but my application might be different than yours. I do like the precision of a hold-off reticle, especially since I measured the amount of mechanical error that is present even in the highest end scope. It was astonishing. Plus it allows you to engage targets really quickly, which is impossible with a standard crosshair or mildot scope. Good luck!


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