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Cal Zant is the shooter/author behind PrecisionRifleBlog.com. Cal is a life-long learner, and loves to help others get into this sport he's so passionate about. Cal has an engineering background, unique data-driven approach, and the ability to present technical information in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion. For more info, check out PrecisionRifleBlog.com/About.

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Wyoming ELR Match

Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge

A few weeks ago, I attended one of my all-time favorite matches: the Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge hosted by Scott Satterlee in Wyoming. It was quite the experience, with targets ranging from 720 to 2,091 yards and sustained winds over 30 mph! A few competitors measured gusts up to 50 or even 60 mph! Believe it or not, you can still hit targets in those conditions – and some shooters hit first round with surprising consistency. This Wyoming ELR match is the only match like it anywhere in the country. Because it is so unique, it isn't affiliated with the PRS, NRL, or other series, which means many shooters may not be aware of it and that is why I wanted to share an after-action report about it with my readers.


  1. Where the heck can I subscribe to this magazine “precision rifle shooter”
    You’d think I could google it but nothing even comes up.
    What gives…

    • Well, James, I’ve thought the same thing. That magazine was called SNIPER for a while, and now that’s the new name. It’s a single issue, special edition magazine published by Guns & Ammo. I just keep an eye out for it on news stands around May/June every year. I wish you could subscribe to it, but I couldn’t find a way. It’s put together by Tom Beckstrand, so you might could find him on Facebook and see if there is a way to get it other than finding it on newsstands. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


  2. Are there any back issues available from either sniper or earler PRS mag?

  3. Next issue (2019 #2) should be out now…

  4. Great article in the fall edition of Precision Rifle Shooter about the Ruger RPR 223 unfortunately the have stopped making this rifle about a year ago. It is no longer available from Ruger

  5. What is the brand of the Bipod on the cover of the latest issue, The on the Tikka Rimfire?

  6. Im not sure Dan but think it might be a Warne I too read this article with great interest I have begun my project to put one together by getting a leupold mk4 4.5-14 lrt with tmr Midway USA-$699 Ill go with the krg stock in sniper grey Now maybe some one can help me out Im trying to figure out who makes the thread protector seen on the gun Anybody able to help out?

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