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  1. I just purchased a ThorHD 640 5-50 for hogs and peditor hunting our farm. I have an 800 meter range and I am a member of a 1000 meter range. I have some great range and hunting arms but do not have very much experience with AR-10 or other AR Platform long distance capable rifles.

    I own 5.56 Colt, DD and LWRC along with SCAR .308.All shoot well but Im looking for 6.5 or 6mm match grade for 800m accuracy and beyond in an AR Class Arm.

    I’ve been reviewing Lewis Machine and maybe JP.
    Id like some real feedback from users who range 800m and beyond with recommendations.

    The Thor will be used for targeting inside 250yards so I have plenty of choices for it but if Im going with a new rifle…I would like to purchase another range gun for use with other optics if/when wanted.

    PS. Just tried a new Proof Carbon in 6.5 and found it less than desirable in long range accuracy regardless of load/bullet/propellent/velocity combinations. Id prefer match grade steel or stainless barrels only. I do like the Diamond Triggertech option.

    • BR, those sound like some fun toys! I’ve been fortunate to have been able to personally try a lot of different guns, and after some serious testing … last year I bought a JP LRP-07 in 6.5 Creedmoor. I voted with my own wallet, so that should tell you what I think! I’m convinced that is the absolute best large-frame AR on the market. It is ideal is a ton of ways, including the fact that it is side-charging, it is a really ideal weight and barrel length for that cartridge, and the recoil system is amazing. I really can’t say enough good things about that rifle.

      … and I agree about both the PROOF and the TriggerTech Diamond trigger. Almost all my rifles have been switched over to those Diamond triggers. They’re ridiculous!


      Best of luck to you!

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